Serious Klein at c/o Pop Festival

Wunderkinder – German Music Talent

Whether it’s him floating smooth over a groovy beat, taking your favorite rapper’s spot with his lyrical ability or painting vivid images with his storytelling – it’s hard not be impressed by Serious Klein’s craft and refreshing sound. It’s fiery and soft at the same time, but most of all : honest. His music is created to make you feel. His conscience permanent on record, as he speaks honestly about the intimate moral conflicts he experiences each day. The Ghanaian Rapper delivered his long awaited Album ‘You Should’ve known’. Together with long time collaborators Rascal and Shove Island, the silver tongued MC laid down sixteen concise and homogenous tracks that lead you through love, pain, anxieties, joy, and relief. Not only does his new project indicate Klein’s diversity but it also marks a point, whereby the rapper is stepping further into a realm crafted uniquely by him lyrically and stylistically.
Serious Klein worked with unique artists like Coco Sarai, Jerome Foe, Bronko Bammer Lind Jay and Romeo from FARR as well as fellow rapper JuJu Rogers to make his Debut a masterpiece. Kelvin Boakye AKA Serious Klein is an English rapping MC that has emerged out the underground hip hop scene in Germany. Debut EP „The Serious Outlook“ (2012) put Klein on the map in his small German city. His following EPs „The Introduction“ (2015) and „Summer 03’s Problem“ (2016) gained Klein more popularity within his local market and a new found recognition in the US & UK.
His sound which he describes as ‘art rap’ is an eclectic mix of jazz, rap, hip-hop, trap and soul. His intrinsically diverse sound stems from his love of music of all kinds and is heavily influenced by artists ranging from 2Pac Shakur to Luther Vandross.
2016 brought Serious in contact with international artists such as Denzel Curry, Mick Jenkins, The Underachievers and Bryson Tiller, some of who he supported on European tour dates. Serious was invited to perform at Grammy award winner Alicia Keys’s underground in Berlin – recognised by the lady herself as one of the hottest urban newcomers in Germany.

Showtime: 21:00 – 21:50
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